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There will be 2 types of people in every organization-integrated package. There will be staff very competent, committed loyal customer and also trouble makers.

Don’t sound me out as apathetic. Any organization that sympathises with trouble makers will soon need the sympathy of others. Let it be your employees or customers.

The energy, time and effort that gets sapped in managing the trouble makers or trouble making clients is no less compared to leading the competent or servicing your loyal customers.

There is a parable of frog sitting in a pot on the store. If dropped in to the pot of boiling water, a frog could likely notice and try to escape. But when placed in a pot that is slowly approaching a boil, the frog doesn’t notice until the water has reached an unbearable heat-at which point it is too hot for the frog to survive. Working with trouble makers is exactly like this.

Trouble makers are like rotten apples. So you need to get rid of them or the problem will spread. A trouble maker soon forms a team of other members around him. If you cannot mend them, end them.

There are also some customers who will remain dissatisfied, no matter what you do. No matter how you serve them they will keep criticising your product and service. They also make you go down on your knees for every payment. Ironically you getting business, but will fail to make any profit. The customer is always right… right? Wrong !. The customer is the King-isn’t he? Not always. It depends on who the customer is.

The search is not merely for customers or employees, but for good customers/or employees. And it is for good customers alone, you become their solution provides, and they become a partner in your growth.

From this very moment, stop doing anything that is less than “world class” quality.

Carefully select your suppliers, customers, organization that you work with. Why not avoid your trouble makers and invest the resource saved on the productive ones?


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