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Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Brahmacharya is not only abstinence from sex.

Deep attachment towards food.Your thoughts, your speech, your greed, emotion... all sensual pleasures to be kept in check.

Senusal pleasure - sex enegry for instance- is so powerful , it contains life in it, so it should not be dissipated thoughtlessly.

Would a woman flush a bucket of gold and diamonds down her toilet?

Would a man take his currency notes and burn them in a fire place?

No man or woman of average intelligence would knowingly throw their wealthaway. But if they are unaware of the assets that they have,they might still continue to dispose them unknowingly.

In Medical Perspective Brahmacharya is to keep BSR ( Body sexual rate) 0 (No sexual thought)

BSR has two cycle. Emotinal cycle and Physical cycle.

CYCLE A -Emotional Cycle

BSR 0= No sexual thought

BSR 1= Birth of sexual thought

BSR 2 = First sexual sensation in the body

BSR 3= First sexual sensation in the genital

BSR 4= A glush of blood in the genitals.

BSR 5= A state of complete errection.

CYCLE B- Physical Cycle

BSR 6- Body urgig for sex activity/ start of pysical touch of genitals

BSR 7= Complete sex mode/with enhanced physical activity at genitals

BSR 8= Orgasm

BSR 9=Internal release of semen

BSR 10= Ejaculation of semen out of the body.

BSR 1 to BSR 5 there is no need for a sexual touch. Just sexual thoughts , feelings and emotions will increase rate to BSR 5.If the mind is distracted , you can harmlessly go back to BSR 0 or BSR 1

However if there is any physical activity involving the genitals at this point, with or with out a partner, the BSR moves to level 6. It is not easy to stop a gushing river.

The BSR rate should be kept 0 for no sexual thought.

Continuous bombarding of high quality thoughts in your mind will help you maintain BSR 0.

Sex Trasnmutation technique used by many and pouplar nowadays is to keep BSR 8 and hold it at BSR 8 and never allow to reach BSR 10. BSR 8 is orgasm and BSR 10 is only ejaculation.

Upanishad doesnot support the Sex Transmutation technique. Because it is still southern movement of energy flow ( downward)

Upanishad way is teaching us Northern movement of energy ( upward).

I only write in my blog what I know and what I can vouch and teach.

Shiva's holy city Kashi is located at a bend in the river Ganga where it turns and moves northwards instead of south wards. This reverse flow of river is a reminder of what the human mind can do.

It is said that Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa do Samadhi daily basis ( northern movement of energy is samadhi and it is the highest pleasure). And Swami taught this to Swami Vivekanada. Samadhi means not a death in hospital. Nowadays every body dies in hospital on account of disease and we say samadhi, no, this is not samadhi.May be for a respect for that person , we can say samadhi instead of death. But samadhi is different. Upward movement of energy, when reaches a particular point, it rapture the blood vessel in the brain. Maha Samadhi. Death in hospital due to disease is not maha samadhi.


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