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Updated: Mar 10, 2022


If you do quick web search you get answer based on linkedin .

But continuation of evolution of India had to be based on the bed rock of her spiritual sources-Upanishads which are an inexhaustible mine of spiritual strength.

Let us ask you.

How many whatsapp contacts you have?

When did you spoken to them last?( some of the contacts you may need to get their confirmation first to call them)

When did you meet last as a Family gathering?

How many days did you spend together?

How much time did you spend together, sitting right beside them.

Did you have breakfast ,lunch or dinner together?

Did you ask how his days are passing


Imagine this: You are having sudden chest pain and your car is in the shop. You know it is angina. You call your whatsapp contact friend because you need a ride to the hospital . You know he lives close by." Sorry" your friend yawns in to the phone. He just can't.


Imagine this : Do you have a friend who always forgets their wallet when you go out to eat together? How about a friend who always need to borrow 20 bucks. What about a friend who always hangs out at your house and never invites you to his house.

The basically the answer to the question contact and connection is. We have " Contact" with our whatsapp /or other social media contact but we dont have connection with them. They are not connected to you.

The connection is between heart and heart, sitting together, sharing meals and caring for each other,touching, shaking hands, having eye contact, spending time together. We have hundreds of whats app contact but no connection with each other.

Friendship is now based on competetive behaviour.

Whether at home or in a society , every body has lots of "contacts "but there is no "connection". No communication.Everybody is in his or her own world.

Let us not maintain just " Contact" but let us remain " Connected" ,caring, sharing and spending time with all our dear ones. No. No need to love everyone-but love the God dwelling in every one.


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