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( Righteousness)

If you dont follow dharma,it is like a fish with out water, you can give the fish all the riches in the world, but it will die unless it is returned to the water.

What ever qualities you have,if you have no dharma, it will destroy you.

If you are reading this article thinking your boss need to understand dharma-then she will give me the promotion, you have missed the point.

We never live in a idyllic world. We are not in a place where others recognize our dharma .But you demonstrate and defend your dharma, then manusmriti says it will become feedback loop-dharma will start protecting you .

When you safeguard your dharma, you constantly strive to be in a place where you strive. When you thrive ,people notice, and you reap rewards that help you stay in your dharma.Manusmriti confirm, dharma is so powerful, that it will even protect your joy and sense of purpose and helps you grow.

When you are undergoing RAHU dasa, you should never do any thing against your dharma. Rahu deva is already cheated by Devas. . If you not following dharma during Rahu dasa, especially during the end of the Rahu dasa, he will wreck havoc in your life , I have seen many CEOs got bankrupt duirng Rahu maha dasa

Dharma = Passion + Expertise + Usefulness
Dharma = Verna+ Seva

Varna = passion, expertise, competance, skill, character, quality etc. Emotional qualities such as empathy, compassion, kindess, generosity also comes under verna

Seva= Selfless service, understanding outerworld,customer service,usefullness

It is our responsibility to demonstrate and defend our dharma.

When you build skills, you need to develop character (quality) also, otherwise it is narcissistic.

If you develop character but with no skills then you cannot impact outerworld.

So we need to work on both inorder to serve our souls and a higher purpose.

Be in your dharma with your friends, families , work, sports and holidays.

We should be passionate about the work. If we are only excited when people say nice things about our work,it is a sign that we are not passionatre about the work itself.

Steve Jobs put in his 2005 standford commencement address "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone els'e life"

The Bhagavad Gita says that it's better to do one's own dharma imperfectly than to another's perfectly.

You can't be everything you want.

You can be everything you are.


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