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Disease prediction with time of onset of disease

The main benefit of medical astrology is that it can predict the disease likely to be arising in the future and the time of onset of the disease.

The medical science is also wonderful science no doubt about it but it can detect disease only after affecting the person.

So your astro advantage is you can take precautions.

Your medical advantage is you can use it for emergency situations.

Now this is a horoscope of a person who remained sick most of his life and got in to severe health issues during Venus Maha dasa. ( usually Venus has a brand name. People think it is very good dasa. But let us read this article)

His birth chart is..

Aries - Lagna, Jupiter

Gemini -ketu

Cancer -saturn

Libra -venus

Scorpio -sun,moon,mercury

Sagittarius -rahu, Mars

Since the bhadhakadhipathi (lord of troubles) Saturn aspects Lagna, it indicates chronic disease to the natives body.

There is Deha kashta yoga(even though Lagana is in 9th) which simply means Lagna lord is with malefic Rahu. This indicates chronic disease.

When we take navamsha chart (not given here due to lack of time as this is actually a email blogging as I am sending this direct from my mobile to post on blog... with out logging in to my website panel due to very busy schedule. Thanks to the email blog feature )

So in the navamsha we find that Sun who is Karaka for Heath is posited in shashtamsha with Saturn when reckoned from Lagna. Hence the natives ill health can be confirmed. But when? at what point of time? The native when running 7th lord dasha -venus Dasha which is Maraka dasa, created problem for the health.


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