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“Marketing is war” sentiment is of course hyperbolic. This strategy concept is an approach to winning without fighting. In an analogy, it is like making deep and passionate love without sex. The difference is subjective , they can look and feel exactly the same and involve exactly the same acts But love gives you supernatural powers, love that give you Bhakthi, love that gives illumination, and love again that leads to emancipation. By contrast sex is utilitarian-more objective experience. Just the same, marketing warfare is a deception. We are not fighting. It is subjective experience-Winning.

Eagles that attack snakes are common in stories around the world, from Greece to India, Iran, China and Mexico. The Mexican flag shows an eagle clutching a snake as a symbol of the founding of the Aztec Civilization

Don’t fight the competitor in his comfort zone; change the battle field like an eagle. The Eagle picks up the snake in to the sky-changes the battle ground-and then releases the snake in to the sky. The snake has no stamina, no power, weak, and useless in the air unlike on the ground, where it is enormous, deadly and powerful.

The Eagle doesn’t fight the snake on the ground. It changes the battle field.

You can be sure succeeding in your attacks with competitors, if you attack areas/ places which are undefended.

Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak,

When you are nearing competitor for attack, make the competitor believe you are far away. When far away we must make the competitor believe we are near.

I have to come to believe through my personal experience, that there are just 2 types of people-They are either a Rock or Water leaders

Your competitor might be much much stronger than you-Just like a “ Rock”. Your position may be soft-smaller-“Water” . Water is not stronger than rock for its density. Don’t feel disheartened. God made you some thing special. Rocks sinks in water, because they are heavier than water. So in a contest between rock and water, water always wins. Not at first, perhaps but in the end. Water is stronger than rock for its fluidity.

In Bird vs Snake strategy, if you are snake, be like a Kaliya Snake, who could not be touched even by Garuda ( Eagle)-(thanks to Saint Soubhari-) and could be defeated by our supreme Lord Krishna Alone.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudhevaya * Namo Buddhaya

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