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Research shows that most of the people go for spirituality after retirement. Just because of aging. Aging is not a number. Only mind doesn’t age. Body ages. Body will become dysfunctional. Once the activity of career, romance, sex recedes ,it is natural to spend more time looking inward. Don’t assume these people are really spiritual motivators.

19 out of 20 people will say go for positive energy. It is easy to assume that positive energy is good and negative energy is bad. But in the perspective of Upanishad/Vedanta, it is not true. You are neither the body, nor the mind. Our intent is to transcend both positive and negative emotions to a state without our mind.

In Psychology, the intent is to shift from negative to positive. But in Upanishad, we go to higher level. The intent is to go beyond positive and negative. The reason is simple: Positive emotion can generate only from the five gates of your body. 1) Seeing 2) hearing 3) smelling 4) tasting 5) feeling.

So if your mind is going to climb the mountain-to go beyond body and mind, on the way you discover a beautiful shopping mall surrounded by beautiful people. You smell delicious food and great variety of drinks, smart phones, smart watches, jewellery… When you follow that temptation you have already lost your track.When this temptation becomes so strong, that you don’t want to leave that place any more, then the positive emotion has turned in to an obsession.

All positive emotions -when you eat comforting food, do shopping, Sales and marketing, or when you hug or even hold hands of your lover, or sexual activity or any pleasurable events such as looking at your Facebook/Instagram or WhatsApp chats , all associated with release of dopamine with pleasure-called Dopamine Rush. ( That is why these are addictions as like alcohols).But when these results aren’t fulfilled or when we lose these things that generate our dopamine pleasure release, we ‘re going to snap back to negative emotion again-serotonin release-you will feel sad or become depressed.

Positive emotion is subsided by Dopamine ( DA) while negative emotions is subsided by Serotonin (5-HT). Both are emotions nothing but neuromodulators. That is why Upanishad teaches us to go beyond positive emotions as well.

God has both transcendental (unmanifested) and immanent (manifested ) aspect. All living and non-living are unmanifested forms of God. We are all divine and that winning sperm. Just a 2 teaspoon of semen dart from the man towards that one stationary egg in the woman. Only one sperm is fertilizing an egg to conceive a baby. Millions of sperm die on the journey to reach the egg. So every human being is that winning sperm which provided in its own way that it was one up on the remaining millions of its kind. Divinity with in us can be manifested by going beyond positive and negative emotions.

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