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Gratitude and Kindness are sine qua non for any people who chant prayers or who don’t believe in God. Whether you are an atheist or a theist, you should have Gratitude and Kindness. It is very painful to say that though we are polytheistic or monotheistic - we donot urge to develop these qualities. Only these two qualities going to be useful for the humanity. It is much more powerful than praying lips.

Swami Vivekananda teaches service of the poor is akin to worshipping God. To reach Narayana ( Supreme Being) you must serve the Daridra Narayanas ( Poor people)- the starving millions of poorest.

If you don’t see God in man, if you don;’t believe in yourself,then you are an atheist.

Gratitude is a positive feeling.

According to UCLA neuroscientist Alex Korb, we cannot focus on positive and negative feelings at the same time.

When we develop gratitude, our brain gets a positive feelings and brain release dopamine, which makes us want to feel that way again and again, and we begin to make gratitude a habit. Once you start seeing things to be grateful for, your brain starts looking for more things to be grateful for. It is a virtuous cycle.

Let us go one step ahead.

Kindness and Gratitude must be developed together.
If you have ever made a kindness for someone else’s benefit, you can easily recognize the effort and energy some one else gives to you.
That is to say, your own acts of kindness teach you what it takes to be kind,so your own kindness enables you to feel truly grateful.

Kindness teaches gratitude: The kindness of your dinner party inspired your friend’s gratitude. That gratitude inspired her kindness to you.
If she has no kindness, she cannot understand your effort and love.

A Medical Perspective: People with high levels of gratitude experienced lower rates of PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder). So if you have been through a breakup, if you have lost a loved one, or if anything has hit you hard emotionally, gratitude is the answer.

The toxin emotions that gratitude blocks contribute to widespread inflammation which is a precursor to loads of chronic illness, including heart disease.

Even you face a rejection , be thankful to set backs.

Mr Brain Acton worked at Yahoo. Got rejected at Twitter and Facebook.

But later Facebook bought WhatsApp, the app Brian Acton cofounded for USD 19 billion.

The jobs at the companies that rejected Acton would have paid far lass than he made off WhatsApp.

So don’t judge the moment.

As soon as you label something as bad, your mind starts to believe it. Instead, be grateful for setback.

The most basic way to show gratitude is to say “thank you”. But who wants to be basic?

Make your thanks as specific as possible.


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