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Happiness and Unhappiness are not two separate things. It is two sides of the same coin. It is two different areas of your same mind. Mind and Awareness are two different things. Remember that. You cannot control your mind. Mind is useless. Mind doesn’t know what is good for you and not good for you. It doesn’t know what should be your healthy breakfast and what should you eat.or how much exercise you need to do to keep your body fit. Mind is like Water. If you watered a garden bed, would the weeds grow or flowers grow ? Both right? Because water can’t tell the difference. Energy works the same way. Where awareness goes, Energy goes. Your awareness is like a glowing ball of light floating through the mind. You can control your awareness and can control the energy flow to your mind. Different people cultivate energy flows to different areas of mind. Mind creates a pattern based on the energy flow.If you direct your awareness to happy area of mind, more energy flows there. More the energy, more magnetic that area becomes and in turn more awareness comes to that area of mind and that area of mind becomes more rigid . And I wish all my esteemed buyers/customers, my directors/bosses, ceo’s,friends, relatives and my blog viewers to have more awareness and energy to your happy area of mind and to remain happy and wealthy all the time. Wish you all best wishes!

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya


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