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Beauty is a perception not personal. Beauty of a person lies in the eyes of the beholder. Your perception makes your partner look more beautiful. Beauty doesn’t depends on color. White is no better than being black and vise versa.

Beauty of skin is universal not personal. Healthy beautiful skin will be supple , smooth and soft. However Skin beauty is not permanent. It will go astray by passage of time.

Beauty of loving kindness/beauty of your thoughts, this beauty is permanent. Your thoughts will reflect in your face, eyes and outward appearance. Depressed people can be ascertained by looking at their face, eyes and outward appearance. So quality of thoughts will create an outward appearance and this is permanent. Our minds are constantly recording our thoughts and memories. At the time of death, whatever thought he/she remembers, that will propel him in to the appropriate next physical body. Veda explains that only human life has a choice to choose between matter and spirit so there is a chance that the human soul can descend to lower species. For example, if a person is a CEO of a Company and he dies with the animalistic mentality of creature such as a dog, then in the next life, he will be able to fulfill his dog like character through the senses and organs of a dog. This dog will come to the same company premises and his son or security guards will throw stones at dog. This is certainly an unfortunate occurrence. Upanishad says that the soul in the body of an animal may once have inhabited a human form and vice versa.


Unfortunately many of us are not gifted with everything we desire for, so shall we sit and cry on our destiny? No. Do try these best practices to get attractive skin and health.

ESR : This is a very simple test and will cost only maximum 20 to 30 Indian Rupees . This is to ensure you that you have no inflammation in your body. This test will not help to diagnose any disease, and if there is any inflammation, you will know from this test and then your medical doctor can detect what other tests are needed to find out actual problem.

FOOD : Food and Oxygen both are important for survival. But no matter how pleasant a meal is, eating causes Energy Production as well as Oxidative stress ( a culprit for aged related changes in appearance). Food we eat reacts with oxygen we breath and produces energy currency called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is helpful and also destructive.ATP is useful because, when the cells of the body require energy for performing the metabolic activities, they use the ATP and break it down to get the required energy. In this process of ATP production, Free radicals are also produced. The free radicals are responsible for age related changes in our appearance. We cannot prevent it ,we can only reduce the exposure of our body to oxidative stress. Can you prevent iron from resting. ( oxidization)? No. Iron will continue to lose electron to oxygen as long as oxygen is present. Unoxidised iron is strong. Oxidised iron is weak, brittle, reddish powder. No matter how good the food is eating causes oxidative stress. Along with digestion of food harmful free radicals also will be produced. Strategy : Reduce eating habbits( reduce calorie intake daily basis) is more helpful than fasting once a week, to reduce free radical generation and oxidative stress

OXYGEN: It is necessary for our survival. Oxygen is highly unstable. It has high affinity for electrons. It combines with electrons and hydrogen ions to produce water. That is the importance. But it is also a most well known free radical and is the basis of most free radicals in the body. Strategy: Eat antioxidant foods (not suppliments). New studies suggest that antioxidants cannot cure the effects of free radicals-atleast not when antioxidant comes from artificial sources. Doing exercise regularly create antioxidants in the body. If you don’t do it regular basis , it creates only free radicals. So regular exercise is helpful(not intermittent)

Gravity: Gravity is dragging our skin down. When we are young we have enough elastin and collagen, so our body can negate the gravitational pull on skin. But with passage of time, these substances reduces, so gravitational pull on the skin will be a culprit on our outward beauty appearance. We cannot avoid gravitational force, which is constantly pulling us from floating out in to the space and keeps us connected to the ground. Strategy : Exercises giving more blood flow to the face is very helpful. This will increase elastin and collagen. Uttanpadasana is very good.

Uttanpadasana : Raised leg pose-lifting both legs more than 90 degree increases blood flow throughout the face and neck area, helps produce collagen and elastin and help you look younger and make your skin softer and more radiant. Due to increased blood flow to your stomach, your stomach will also become smoother, lighter and good for gastritis. Uttanpadasana is also very beneficial for people above 30s to prevent developing leaking veins in legs. It is also beneficial for peripheral neuropathy ( diabetic neuropathy). Ofcourse,nerve damage is not reversible because nerves do not heal. But first damage occurs to Myelin sheath of peripheral nerves. It is called de-mylanation. Our body naturally regenerates myelin. Uttanpadasan will help regenerate myelin and thus a best treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamin C Serum: It is an antioxidant but research shows that Vitamin C Serum is both an antioxidant and Pro-oxidant. So it is a double edged sword. Your skin might get harder 5 to 10 years down the road.

Hyaluronic acid serum: Go for low molecular weight serum. If no specification shown in the package, don’t use it. Most of the serum available in the market ( India market) are high molecular weight or mixed type. They won’t make your skin supple. It cannot penetrate your skin. It is futile.

Oil : Our skin is already producing oil (sebum), so we may think external oil is bad. No. Only an oil can fight with another oil. A bad boy can fight with another bad boy.Oil is attracted to oil so it can balance the skin and work as moisturizer. You need just 3-5 drops( not in excess)of Kumkumadi oil ( use best brand), apply it on your face before you take bath. If possible wash your face with hot water and apply oil. Then during bath use coldwater to wash face. This will help your facial skin to remain hydrated , supple and smooth. Strategy : Some kumkumadi oils are available as serum. We need only oil , not serum which is different molecular structure.

Sunscreen: You need dual approach. Go out without sun screen at least 15 minutes a day . Rest of the time use sunscreen.

Beauty food: No food has the ability to give beauty. But certain food rich in estrogen,phytoestrogen etc comply vital role in building attractive bust( women). For men, food rich in fiber will give more shape. Apples ,pomegranates are high in estrogen,phytoestrogen and bromine. Bromine will stimulate sex hormones for beauty enhancement.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you gained value from this, kindly drop a tip as it allows me to continue making new content. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya

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