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Many of us dont take the time to consider what actually motivates people.

We use carrot-and-stick approach. Good. But research shows that if you maginfy encouragement, it makes people more universally successful and more productive.Yet managers are still notoriously bad at delivering praise. Praise is given when one achieves "good result". Encouragement can be given anytime even when things go poorly.

One of the basic psychological tenets of human behavior is that we persist in behaviors for which we are praised: those behaviors that are not positively recognized are likely to fall by the wayside.

We seldom if ever appreciate or encourage others.When you look at another person,rather than seeing her faults, you need to be able to see her strengths and possibilities, what she is capable of.

Insincere engagement with out the strength of your genuine faith in the other person only belittles her efforts.

The essence of encouragement is showing your belief in the talents,skills and inherent abilities of another person

But we often belittle ? This is to feel superior to others. By making another person feel small, a person who bullies feels bigger, so they can assert their dominance over another person.

I am seeing many people who prays 5 times a day or chant prayer ,mantras 1 hour or more day and evening,but they all do carrot and stick approach.They have completely forgotten what is encouragement. I seldom if ever heard them encouraging /appreciating others. Rude in talks. No Encouragement ( forget about Praise) .I am wondering, how it is matching. A person who is really close to God ( Prayer is one way), should be good in everything . Because, God and You is the same consicouness. Only the degree varies. Just like difference between a match stick fire and fire in sun.or water in your cup and water in ocean , All same H20

In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna encouraged Arjuna. In Ramayana, Rama encouraged Hanuman. So encouragement is divine responsibility. Prayers are Good. Along with prayers, one should learn this attitude of encouragement and praise to uplift the qualities of others and universal wellbeing.


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