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MEDITATION IS BUSINESS- Thanks for listening to above podcast so you may get a better understanding going though the below blog post.

The US meditation market is about USD 2.08 billion.

The hard truth is you cannot practice CONCENTRATION with MEDITATION. But Concentrated Mind can lead to Meditation.

Meditation is not same as Concentration. Meditation and Concentration are like apples and oranges-two different mental states -often confused with each other. Both states are very different.

Concentration helps your mind to focus awareness/consciousness to particular area of mind. Mind is like a floating balloon. Never ,ever sit around thinking controlling Mind. You cannot control mind. You can control your awareness/consciousness. Through concentration, you should direct your awarness to the particular area of mind that you need to make rigid. More concentration to a particular area of mind means more energy flows there. And your mind creates a pattern ( neuroplasticity). Energy will then manifest in to reality -matter (events etc)

Remeber I and You -all are living in Material world( outer world ) reality ( not in forest places). We are controlled not only by Gravitational forces of earth, but also by environment realities( such as Government, Money.Food,Clothes ,Job, ). So we cannot avoid Material world( outer world). Even if you meditate for 1 or 2 hours a day, rest of your hours you are in to world of distractions. So Practice Concentration/focusing your mind in distractions.

Meditation is a fashion/business. It doesn’t take in to consideration the outer world.It doesn’t require any control.Only inner world is considered . But can you avoid outer world ? Impossible, because you are living in the outer world. So Meditation will not help you , the thing going to help you will be CONCENTRATION which can be very tough and can be obtained only by deliberate practice and focusing of mind to a particular area of your brain ( neuroplasticity).

It is difficult to accept that MEDITATION will help you controlling the Mind. Rather CONCENTRATION /FOCUSSING of Awareness is to be opted to control the energy flow to the Mind.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Bhuddhaya


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