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SATURN & GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Whether you are born in India or America or any other part of the world, human anatomy is same. Indian Vedas referred Human Heart as ” Lotus with Nine gates”or ” Lotus Bud” . Amazingly accurate description of the heart as we know it today in Human anatomy. If the heart is held with its apex upwards, there are nine openings in all- 3 in the right artrium, 4 in the left artrium, and one each in the right and left ventricles. Likewise astrology-eyes of vedas- principles are applicable to everyone whether you are Indian or American.Poor or rich. doesnot matter. Planets just influence you. It is an energy from unmanifest, money power or your fame,political power in material world will be useless in front of planetary influence.

Let us discuss about planet Saturn influence in Adminstration.

Ordinarly aspect of Saturn is considered harmful. But when he becomes lord of very auspicious houses or becomes Yogakaraka-for Taurus or Libra Ascendants, he becomes so good. And even his aspect on Sun donot create any difficulties but improves the qualities of Sun and helps the Sun obtaining high position in Govenment administration. Queen Victoria’s ascendant is Taurus with Saturn aspecting Sun.

Adolf Hitler is Libra Ascendant. So Saturn is Yogakaraka .Saturn Aspecting Sun. But there is a downfall in Hitler’s horoscope. Saturn is also aspecting Mars-( lord of 2nd another significator of Government administration). This is good only. But the culprit is Mars and Saturn’s individual position apart from being mutual enemies. Mars is transisiting in 7th house (house of war). Saturn is in 10th house( house of action).Saturn gets afflicted by Mars. So final fall was inevitable.

The Moral – Never, Never ever, Never ever never, pass judgement on a horoscope on the basis of some superficial features only.The assessment will be correct only when the whole structure of the horoscope is carefully scrutinised.

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