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4 TYPES OF TRUST 1) Neutral Trust 2) Contractual Trust 3) Mutual Trust 4) Pure Trust

Neutral Trust: You like his/her qualities, or attractive beauty,but these qualities do not merit trust. So you keep Neutral trust with other person during initial contact in business or romance. It is better to have neutral trust than to trust others blindly.

Contractual Trust : Rajas Gunna is more active here. It is quid pro quo of relationships. It simply says : If I pay you for a shopping and dinner, you promise for a date. Or If you are rich ,I will be your lifemate.

Mutual Trust : Sattva Guna is active here. In Mutual trust help goes both ways. For example, I give you lowest price and best quality.Then you give me continuous business immediately or in future. But expectation is there for return .Business works on Mutual trust only.

Pure Trust : This is something like saying beyond space and time. or above all Gunnas. You donot mind what other person will favor you. And there are very few people in this world who extend Pure Trust. We should be lucky enough to get such a foxhole friend or ally. So choose your foxhole gang wisely. And if you win a foxhole friend or ally, consider him as a God.

I remember Sri Ramakrishna words to Swami Vivekanda. When Swami Vivekanada asked Sri Ramakrishna in his first meeting: Sir,have you seen God ? Sri Ramakrishna Replied, Yes, I have seen God. I see Him as I see you here, only more clearly.


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