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Fear is the basis of all anxiety disorders and phobia. But fear is present in all human beings. It alert us to an imminent danger. With out it, there is no physical or emotional safety. For this reason , we should not think of it as an enemy. Let us dance with it. It is a natural response that helped our ancestors survive. The problem occurs when fear is triggered in the absence of risks or in a situation that are completely innocuous.

Astrology : If there is affliction to Moon from Rahu.Or if Moon is eclipsed and posited in lagna and malefics occupy tines-the native become demonic/or claustrophobia.

Psychology: Based on psychology, the best three ways to deal with fear 1) AVOID it -avoid the circumstances that causes you fear . ( I don’t recommend it) 2) MANAGE it- Practising Yoga, Breathing exercise .( Our experience shows , people who do yoga and breathing exercises are also subjected to unwanted fears) 3) TOLERATE it – some what better than above two methods.

So what is the best way to deal with fear? YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR FEAR TO YOUR ADVANTAGE INSTEAD OF LETTING IT USE YOU. In ISHA way of thinking ( Ishavasya Upanishad) our body is oblation to FIRE ( Agni). The fire which we use to cook our food will also reduce our body to ashes. Do you fear fire?? It is not the fault of the fire. When a person enjoys or fear something, the enjoyment or fear is in that person, not in the thing being enjoyed or feared. You are witness to all of it. ( Om Kato Smara Kritam Smara). Express solicitude. For example, when you eat food, where is the enjoyment taking place? It is with in the person, not in the food, not even in the organs of taste. Indeed this is why the same food doesn’t appeal to all who taste it.

Individual Consciousness and Universal Consciousness is ONE . Go beyond Mind and Body. This is non dual approach. You will neither feel enjoyment or fear . The aura of tranquility makes you feel you are with out a care in the world and wisdom will be only your companion.

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