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CONSCIOUSNESS IS AUM - Based on Cosmology , Advaita Vedanta and Puranas

Tell me one thing those who are initiated by Mantra. Whom do you consider your favourite? Those who walk the talk? Or those who give a talk and take a walk?

Same is with Aum. Now Meditation and Mantra chanting has become a fashion learning among chiildrens and youths and needless to say Retired people who are well settled are taking this mantra chatting and meditation as his self worth just as he takes from his looks and his car.When his looks go or his car or money get destroyed, his tranquallity is lost.So look at Aum only as Pure Consciousness which is unaffected by Me, Mine or Not Mine -these are called Tripura- Brahma splits Brahmanda as above three parts -all Mortal, So that is one of the reason no body worship Creator Brahma,

Now let me come to AUM Aum is not just three alphabets and value is not based on how long and beautifully you chant it, closing your eyes. Your inner visulaization to be counted, If your thoughts are useless, it is meaningless to chant Aum. Because Aum rises from Pure Consciousness. Aum is conditioned Consciousness-what we experience in the universe in which we live.

I am excited to introduce PARTH G RAO.7th Standard student from S R Prime School Chikkabanavara, Bangalore. INDIA. from today onwards ( the first article I publish after reached 100,000 + page views with 171 flags - I thought his video should be included and we will be uploading his videos time to time to promote Advaita Vedanta especially among kids of samilar age . What advantage for Childrens??? It is focusing on their Thought Process. And Words.. Thoughts comes from Consciousness. Only humans have Cerebrum and large frontal lobe, with out Cerebrum, there would be no imagination.This is the anatomical difference seperates us from animals and plants.So Human birth is very divine. From the thoughts the manefistation happens through words. What does it mean- Vocabulary. Not just communication. It will be with powerful thoughts. It is directing on their transformation. Other commmunicators focus on Me, Mine and Not mine. These are mortal. Advaita Vedanta Communicators are focusing on Pure consciousness and is immortal.

It is very difficult for me to change a thought pattern of old people. Age is a number may be, but not true in learning or changing wrong neuroplasticity formed in their brains for many years. If you have to follow a thought pattern - I am Not Body, I am Not Mind. I am Super Consciousness and to fearless, dynamic,communicator. And to develop outstanding Vocabulary-We need to create Neuroplasticity in brain -just to trigger-then you can keep Brain /mind and Body away from you. To trigger that neuroplasticity Brain/mind is needed. Yes, that initial- internal fire. But internal fire need no fuel once it is triggered..(Only external fire that we see outside need fuel continuosuly.)

Aum is actually Big Bang Aum. It is always present and ongoing process. So technically we cannot chant it.We cannot create Aum by chanting of it,because it is already created. We only produce a vibration sympathetic with the vibration that is already there.In that sense yes you can chant it.But if your thoughts are meaningless,it is of no use. Your teachers will not tell you this most likely due to religious reasons or due to ignorance. We can only establish a connection between Self and Supreme Being which manifest as a sound vibration in the form of Aum, Aham Brahmasmi= which means both I am finite as well as infinite.

Now the next Hot topic on Table is what is consciousness ?

We will have a short discussion on Cosmology then come to Advaita Vedanta and finally to Hindu puranas.

We all experience relative speed.

Suppose you are going in your BMW at 200 km/hour, and your BENZ is going in the same direction at 190 km/hour and you can see the things inside the Benz car, how?? Because the relative speed is just 10km .

We donot have this experience with reference to speed of light.

Speed of light is roughly 186K per second ( 299792km/second).

Suppose your Car is travelling at 60% of the speed of light, sitting in car you would logically expect the light to travel at only 40% of its usual speed,but you will find to your amazement that the light is still travelling at 186K per second.Why ? What has happened? What has happened is that the space contracted.

If you increase the speed of your car to 80% of the speed of light, space will further contract.

If you slow down the speed of your car to 30% of speed of light, space will now expand.


This expansion and contraction of space also happens even when you are walking or talking. However the speed at which you will walk or run is so slow when compared to speed of light that you are unable to notice, but the changes to the space time frame work are definitely occuring.

The important take away point from this discussion is that each of us has our own space/time frame work.

1) Person A = Sitting in Chair

2) Person B = Walking

3) Person C = Running

4) Person D = Cycling

5) Person E = Driving a Car

All of them are moving at different speeds ,so each of them will have their own seperate space/time frame work.

The entire Universe is based on relative motion.

We cannot find anything which is fixed.We are walking on earth, earth is moving around the Sun. Sun is moving in the Milky way. The Milky way is moving further away from other galaxies. Where is the feild (0,0) cordinates to make an absolute measurement of space.???


Consciousness is the unchanging coordinates in the changing universe.

What is more interesting is that Consciousness is with in each of us.

We just saw that person, has its own independent space/time frame work, this means 0,0 cordinate of this universe is with in each of us. This implication is mind blogging.

Now we come to Puranas.

The meaning of Aum was even problematic to Creator Brahma

The Little baby God Murughan ( who is offspring of Shiva and Shiva alone-with out intervention of female God Parvathi) has knocked Brahma and imprisoned him because he failed to explain the meaning of Aum to him.

When other dieties found out what had happened they went to shiva to urge him to get Brahma released. Shiva then asked LITTLE BABY why he had locked up Brahma. Baby responds to Shiva that the god who claims himself to be creator doesnot even know the meaning of Aum, what else to do with him, he has been locked up.

When the liitle baby God explained his reasons shiva said, oh so do you know the meaning of the Aum? Could you explain to me? The little baby insisted that Shiva gets down on his knees, fold his arms and ask him politely like a student would ask his teacher.Shiva does what he told and little baby explains the meaning to him. So this Little Baby God is also known as Swaminatha Swami( the God who taught the God)

Some thoughts on Little Baby God Murugha:

He is depicted as a naked little baby with the side look of youth. He is hyper active baby , extra ordinary powerful -at the age of 7 days ie six days after his birth, the baby stepped in to battle and fought and killed Taraka. See the power of 7 days old baby.

He is also called Kumara, because he is fearless,ever youth and higly romantic. Also called Gyana Kulandai- full of Knowledge. He is actually a kind of Brahman. He is master of All vedas and Astrology.Ladies may worship this baby God to win romantic and knowledgable , long lived husband ( for their Mangalya). He can also ward off Kuja Dosha in the horoscope.


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