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Astrological Remedy for Vitiligo

I had blogged an article about vitiligo here

I received many emails /messages from people from India/abroad asking for Astro remedy and to check their horoscope.

Time is the most precious thing in the World. Only due to lack of time I am unable to reply to individual emails. Secondly, Whatsapp is only for urgent messaging from people who I know face to face.

No Free Lunch. But you are getting this Free Information which will actually cost a minimum of 3000-4000 Indian Rupees if you find some consultants on Fiverr or other platforms. They will be just astrologer consultants, not trained in any alternative medical science/or modern medicine. Will know nothing about etiology.

there are two methods in medical astrology - One is preventive and another one is curative. if the disease is already triggered to the Jathak, the astrologer has to shift to curative methods.,. If the disease is only latent in the birth chart, then he should give preventive measures.

Here we discuss only the curative method considering the request I received.

The video below is self-explanatory. I created this for fun. I create a lot of videos for marketing.- And in the future, all my blog articles will contain one video. I hope this will also entertain my viewers. I am fed up reading and posting flat images /flat emails. I do everything with utmost devotion so for me work is fun.

Let us analyze this horoscope. The planetary alignments are as follows.

Taurus= Lagna 27 degree

Gemini= Ketu,Mercury and Sun

Leo= Venus

Virgo= Mars

Libra= Jupiter

Sagitarrius= Rahu and Moon

Capricorn= Saturn

This person was attacked with vitiligo at the age of 60 during his Saturn's Maha Dasha

Mark, it is saturnine age.

Saturn is aspecting Venus. Venus is lagna lord. ( Venus is your body look, Saturn is ugly look)

Mercury is conjoined with Ketu.( Mercury is your Skin beauty, Ketu is Multicolor).

8th lord -king of malefics is aspecting facial zone ( 2nd house). Here the 8th lord is Jupiter and for this lagna, he is also BhadhakaSthanadhipathi. This is the astrological reason behind the vitiligo for the above person.

Medical Astrology is a wonderful science, No doubt about it.

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