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The fire that cooks a meal for us ,one day will burn our body to ashes. It is not fault of the fire.Maturity pushes you in to the such circumstances. you don’t have to even try .Maturity transforms you from Manifest to Unmanifest and make you free.

BHASMANTAM SHARIRAM : BODY WILL BECOME ASHES ( from Upanishad) Reagrding Ashes :Majority of atoms in the body which are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur will turn to gases and enter the atmosphere in the form of water vapour, carbon dioxide,nitrogen and sulfur oxide etc. Interesting statics is that Ashes will weigh about the same as our birth weight. Ironically we get out the same amount of mass as we came in life.

AUM KRITO SMARA KRITAM SMARA KRITO SMARA KRITAM SMARA =REMEMBER YOU ARE THE SUPREME SPIRIT AND YOUR BODY WILL BECOME FREE ( from Upanishad) Our body has tiny amount of Radio active elements. Upon death, Radio active Pottasium will burn to calcium. Tiny amount of Uranium will turn to Lead. Small amount of Helium will also be formed. Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to hold helium in this planet so it will flow out in to space and some of them will be captured by Sun and Jupiter since their gravity is huge. Some will go to stars. So some of our atoms have exciting journey until the end of time.

Another example, when the embryo is in the womb of the mother for 9 months, the muscles of the womb protect the embryo until it matures. When it is matured and he has become a child who is ready to emerge, then the same muscles that were protecting the embryo push the child out because the child has attained the level of maturity to be free

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Bhuddaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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