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If you do your work with your 101% of the heart's involvement then it becomes a Devotion.

Devotion is not a quality that should be reserved only for places of worship and altars of God.

Any work can become a prayer if performed with the secredness of devotion.

The natural by products of devotion are concentration ,happiness and love ( so kama ( pleasure)is obtained as by products- you need not seek it directly, opportunities for kama ( pleasure) will come to you)

We dont stop here.

Just as you bring your dharma to work, bring service to your dharma.

Stop asking " How are you " " Hi Guys" These are water cooler chats. It is neither going to help you nor the recipient.

You might ask. Have you served today? How can I use my talents to serve others and make a difference. ? What do I know or have that is of any use?

You don't have to change occupation.

You don't have to change your schedule.

If you look around, you will see opportunities for service everywhere.

You dont have to give away your money, if you dont have.

Simply realize you're in service and look for how you can connect what you already do to a higher purpose.

Do everything for a higher purpose. That is actaully detachment, utter renunication, perfection.

Like fire is hot, as the sun is light and warm, service is the essence of human consciousness.

If you are a doctor ..serve ( your presence and knowledge itself will help the sick).

If you are a motivator , your words itself will be like a Brahmashirsha astra which will vanquish the panic attacks associated with depression -/depressed people.

If you are rich,you can do help. But as per 2011 survey in America, bottom income people gave an average 3% of their earnings to charity where people top rich gave half of that ie 1%. . For instance a person earning 250 USD per month giving 3 % and a person earning 10000 USD per month giving 1% , there is difference. So rich people's contribution is great help for mankind.But what we mean to say is people with less money need to lean others for help and so they will have greater empathy for others in need. But people who are rich can " buy" help and are at greater distance.


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