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When it comes to consistency we should walk the walk. Talk the Talk is easier. Actions speak louder than words.

Consistency requires hard work and dedication.

Likingness towards a thing or to a person comes naturally and easily and that’s part of what’s so great about it. Think of it as honey moon phase, once the honey moon phase is over consistency is the key. Putting words on paper is hardwork, no immediate fun. But it will help you in the long run. Your thinking becomes more clear, something you can use it in your personal brand,sales marketing ,public speaking etc.

Chatting in social media is enjoying. This can make you happy right now, but it is not making you necessarily better down the road.

Think of a Cake. Excessive use of social media is like “FROSTING” and your hard work (consistency) is the “BREAD”. The frosting can be too sweet or melt so it is okay, if it is not there.It just gives the cake a nice look.

2 coffee each day with your CEO or friend will give you deep engagement, than 10 cofee today then no coffee tomorrow. It is the consistency that really makes the difference and build relationship or bonding and it will be worth its weight in Gold.

Brush your teeth every day morning and night, you still have teeth when you are old. If you don’t brush your teeth Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wash your teeth 7 times longer to make up Monday,Tuesdau, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday,Saturday you are not going to have teeth when you are old.

It is daily habbits,daily consistency that is making the difference.

Rather than trying to have one good day.A bad day that has couple of small good habbits that you can repeat them day after day is much more poweful ,down the road, than one single good day.

I wish you consistency!! Om Namo Bhagavathe vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya


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