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The four zodiac signs in Vedic astrology, which stands for adaptability are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The above signs are highly versatile and can be shaped and reshaped entire life span.

Adaptability is a dual edged sword also. It is good trait and bad at the same time. If you adapt for good things ,it is beneficial for you. If you adopt your mind for bad things, it will be detrimental.

The human brain is also highly adaptable. It also has the capacity to shape or reshape entire life span. The science is called Neuroplasticity or Brain Plasticity.

The pre synaptic neuron sends chemical signal to post synaptic neuron and this post synaptic neuron has either more or less possibility to fire ( electric signal) to another pre synaptic neuron. This is how neuro transmitting works in short answer.

 If you engage in a thought or habit over and over, new neuro path ways are developed and it becomes stronger and stronger and your desire to that particular thought or habit also becomes stronger.


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