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Stress is not bad. Don’t read it wrong. Only prolonged stress is bad for you. You should welcome exercise induced cortisol surge. Exercise is not bad. Cortisol is not in itself bad. Cortisol is very beneficial hormone. If your adrenal glands ( which make cortisol and are located on top of your kidneys) were to be removed from your body you would be dead with in 24 hours -faster than if your thyroid or pancreas were removed, and both of which also produce hormones.

Exercise produce stress and forces adrenal glands to produce more stress hormone ( cortisol). But exercise isn’t bad. It is a beneficial form of stress ( nick named EUSTRESS).Limited period of stress is good for you ,gives you super extra energy, improved memory and higher pain threshold.

The other forms of EUSTRESS ( benefitial form of stress) include-upcoming dating or wedding, travelling with your spouse or girl/boy friend,pregnancy,holidays, Business travels/meetings,public speaking etc

Negative Stress ( nicknamed DISTRESS) is dangerous. ( example : death of loved one, life threatening disease, injuriy, loss of job, financial crisis etc).

Remember if you do exercise much more than your maximum level of capacity, it can be distress form of stress. So do it up to only 70 or 80 percentage of your capacity. Exercise is both EUSTRESS and DISTRESS. If you are already in some great stress ( mental or emotional), your cortisol levels are already way up.During this period, avoid doing exercise,because it will spike your cortisol levels even higher .It is like trying to put out a fire with fuel-it makes the situation worse.

To avoid negative stress ,the easiest way is to find out positive people who will bombard you with positive thoughts and create stress wall so no fear comes in to your mind. You should not connect with any one (may be even a doctor, or astrologer or your purohit/religious people, if you think there energy is not uplifting you. We are photons bundle of energy ) -Low energy people will create fear in your mind. The words coming out from a another person is their energy. It will influence you and your emotions and create matter , events ,which is bad for your life, because your energy is low during stress period. So be in contact only with positive energy photons ( Positive people) during stress period.

Medical Perspective : The main issue with stress ( negative stress/DISTRESS) is your body will lose hydrogen ions and your blood will become more alkaline and stomach more acidic. Increase in cortisol means your body needs more progesterone to make more cortisol. It can cause imbalance in your progesterone and estrogen levels which can lead to estrogen dominance ( You will become fat, obesity ,even if you didn’t eat sugar, body will increase sugar levels, cardio vascular diseases etc, your libido will get decreased (both men and women). You may have Acid Reflex or Gastritis so you are likely to take antacids( acid lowering medications).But your stomach needs acid to produce vitamin B12,break down protein and prevent bacterial illness from food poisoning, H Pylori and intestinal parasites. Antacid will ofcourse create alkaline environment in the stomach but it contain aluminium that increase calcium excretion in the urine. In order to preserve the life of the individual, your bones, now will respond by releasing calcium in to the blood to balance the loss of calcium through urine. But over time, your bones will become thin and weak.

Bhagavad Gita & Stress : As per Krishna ( The Lord) , the mind is like a child always looking for taste. You see the child always keep fingers in his mouth. Whatever he gets in hand, he puts in his mouth to taste it. Human mind is like a child.So focus your awareness/consciousness on Karma Yoga. There is Krishna even in your stress.You are not alone. He shall liberate you from all pains, dont grieve. Focus on what you can control and improve to work through complex problems.His advice to deal with stress to Arjuna was to go to war.You cannot be stress free with out getting stressed. Krishna ( The Lord) also said, ” Always think of Me,become my devotee,worship Me and offer your homage to Me” Worship means what ever makes you happy is my happiness .

Om Namo Baghavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhya


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