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Experience is for HR departments for interviews or for Civil or Private employees for job and promotion.. In Upanishads and also in personal branding point of view -Experience is useless in front of ” deliberate practice” .Experience is like reaching water up to 99 degree with out boiling.The extra 1 degree is that makes you stupid-Yes you heard it right .! The stupidity is your uniqueness that can turn water to steam. ! If you have only experience but no deliberate practice, your experience will saturate at 99 degrees. Deliberate practice requires struggle,often painful and need sacrifice. Deliberate Practice is your Brahmashtra. Lord Brahma resides on the head Brahmastra.No weapon can nullify it .There is no way to counter attack Brahmastra. It protects you from enemy attacks, unnatural death.You can attain it only via Deliberate practice. Not through an experience.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhya


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