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Now GOD is also being marketed by Sellers. Some pandits suggest certain upayas and will also extract money from client’s pocket, to get help from Planets.

Shri Krishna in Bhagwat has unfolded that in all the living beings, He is present in the form of Atman(consciousness). So, help. Help the creation of the creator then creator will start loving you the way you want to be loved. If you find a lonely poor person around you, love him from bottom of heart. They need your support and care….

Upanishad also says that Supreme Being is there in everything that which moves and that which does not move ( God is every where both in living and non-living things). The Sanskrit Sloga is ISHAVASYAM IDAMSARVAM YAT KINCHA JAGATYAM JAGAT

Being born as a human being is a God’s gift and so we should always try to cherish the creation of the creator.

We should love Without expectations. If you love God with expectation, it is also business. So upayas wont help much. When the election period comes, many political leaders gift you smiles, offer you help, but they expect your support in election. Will they care you after election? It is a business – a form of marketing. Only God and Truth are the only politics in the World, everything else is trash. Different forms of business.

If you are not intelligent, or your mercury is weak in your horoscope, instead of upayas from pandit, go and help a kid offering Stationaries , books and pencils and may be a small fees for her studies, and or empower her with your wisdom, and see the results, the mercury-Budha deva in your horoscope will show good eccentric character, and your intelligence will boost. Eccentric means, in your horoscope, affliction will be read/predicted, but you won’t face any problems out of it due to your good actions in present life. Mercury is considered as kid, or a young boy or girl and significator of intelligence


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