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HAPPY DIWALI 2022 ( BASED ON KATHOPANISHAD) I am excited to wish friends ,customers and my blog viewers in more than 170 + countries round the world to wish them a Happy Diwali and may this Festival of Lights, illuminate your face, heart and thoughts equivalent to the light of Thousand Suns. The Planet Venus represents the luxuries and sensuous delights of Diwali. Venus resonates with Lakshmi ( Goddess). So bring happiness to this Diwali with simple things you love ,such as reading a book, being with your love, travel or hobby.

Ask any one today of the reason of Diwali celerbration and we get answers like this ..

  • this being the day when Lord Rama came to Ayodhya

  • this day Lord Krishna killed demon Narakasura (Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra killed Narakasura)

  • We are hearing this for many many years. We cannot fill it any more . If you take a 5 liter bucket and if you keep pouring water in it, the level is changing until it becomes full. Once it is full,you cannot fill it any more. Can you ? Well! hold your breath,all these Gods are partial, he makes some one rich, some one poor. So a layman may be confused and feel partial about Gods. But there is one God , he is not partial, even if you are a King, Prime minister, President, Chief Minister, bureaucrat,World richest or Poorest, Monk,Sage, atheist ,theist or begger, or Indian, American,Canadian,Australian, British , European,Japanese,Russian or from Uganda or any nationality, any Religion, when He comes then Man will have to go -no matter who he or she is. So the personality of this God- LORD YAMA – God of Death is very positive and righteous ( ( no confusion to layman). He is the embodiment of Brahma Vidhya & Dharma. He is Dynamic God

  • He does his very difficult and important job of ending the innings of a person in this loka ( earth) with great dexterity ,perfection and dispassion. He never operates on the basis of likes or dislikes and is a perfect instrument of God. He is embodiment of Karma Yoga. He is the Guru of Brahma Vidhya in Kathopanishad where he gives this ultimate knowledge of identity of Self and God to Nachiketas. He is indeed worthy of great worships from all possible counts.

  • The reason of Diwali celebration is however ,our forefathers ( pitras) come to visit their progeny on earth and stay here in this loka ( earth) till Diwali, when Lord Yama ( God of Death) personally comes here to escort them back to Pitra Loka. So we decorate and light our homes in their honor. When on the Diwali day we show lighted torchs to our revered forefathers and the king of their loka-at the time of their departure.

  • This is indeed a great tradition , where in we not only see the LORD OF DEATH in his right perspective but also keep the awareness and reverence of our roots.Forgetting such a tradition is indeed tragic. Let this Diwali be the one with a difference. Give a worthy send off to your ancestors and their present king ( Lord Yama/God of Death)who loves and cares about his people so much that he personally comes to take them back.



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