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Happiness is a hot topic these days. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is an emotion and Happiness is important in Marketing.Happy Marketing is a marketing strategy-Joy marketing strategy. The reason we buy products or services is that we want to satisfy our needs and ultimately enhance our happiness.

Marketers rarely ,if ever talk about happiness directly but in designing digital offerings , or promoting ads, they focus on creation of the feeling of happiness.

Happiness also influences the employees commitment, creativity, decision making, work quality and it can influence customer's decision and urge people to act, It can drive business growth.

Many of our feelings about our income, our car and our house are molded by our next door neighbours income, car and house. This is called happiness from relative status. For example, if your neighbour buys a new car, then to keep up with them, you too need a new car.

Emotional ad- they strategically manipulate consumer's feelings and stimulate the emotional triggers that influence how we make decisions. An emotional ad may be designed to incite joy- all targeted towards the brand's end goal.

If you see an ad for a New Car ,it makes you think about your car , which might make you feel bad.

If you see USD 1000 priced mobile phone, then you look at your mobile phone, which you probably paid about 200-300 USD , which might make you feel sad.


People won't like hearing me say that-buying that New Car or New phone, can help you make you feel slightly happier,but deep down,it has a keeping-up-with -the joneses status effect.And when everybody buys the same thing the effect is nullified. That is partly why advertising hurts group happiness.


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