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When it comes to worship apart from the obligatory puja every year SARASWATHI goddess (WISDOM) is largely forgotten. It is an undeniable truth that we do not worship SARASWATHI (Wisdom) the way we do LAKSHMI(Wealth) in our lives.

In Materialistic or Capitalistic world – our observations

Wisdom does not fill an empty stomach

You need both wisdom and wealth.

Without wisdom you cannot develop a plan or strategy.

Without wealth you cannot implement a plan or strategy.

Wealth sustains life, the wisdom gives value to life.

Thus both wisdom and wealth are needed to live a full life.

Let us analyse this in a a business analogy. Imagine you are a Sales Manager and you created a strategy to increase sales in North America through Amazon. This is equivalent to Sanchita Karma (Your accumulated planning-strategy) and it is now like an arrow in quiver. Action not taken. Next step is you have to subscribe to amazon for the listing your products/services, for which you have to make a payment (wealth) to them. If you do it, then it becomes Praarabdha Karma. Your strategy has come in to action. Your arrow hit the target. Therefore, you need both Wisdom and Wealth (Strategy/Wisdom and Money (wealth) to sustain cosmos and or business

In Spiritual world-our Observations

In higher level wisdom is equal to consciousness and wealth is connected to materialistic world. Out of body experience, mystical experience, near-death experience-will be all controlled by your consciousness. Your next life is decided by your consciousness. For instance, you are the CEO of your company, but with a rude consciousness or only with a wisdom of an animal, your next life (Upanishad says death is a transformation point) , your consciousness will attract the body of an animal such a Dog or a Snake and you will be coming to your company and your son or security guards at gate, seeing an animal will throw stones at you. Because they don’t know, you appeared as Dog or Snake. This is the Power of MAYA.

Thin Bottom Line : WISDOM is higher to WEALTH in spirituality – May be you can’t be a Millionaire, but definitely you will be thriving and happy and your company will be regularly featured in google. That is wisdom’s portfolio- You Love Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Allah, Swami Vivekananda, RamaKrishna Paramhamsa, etc. You remember and follow them, Is it because they were immensely rich? Answer is LOUD NO. They were living extremely poor. They taught you something which remains in your heart for ever and will continue in this world for generations till next pralaya ( till all life on earth will extinct).That is the power of wisdom. Bhagavat puranam says, the wisdom will attract wealth and beauty. The SARASWATHI is extremely beautiful GODDESS and even creator Brahma chased her. Brahma was not able to attract her even with his three faces, finally he made one more face to attract Saraswathi- there are stories like this -just to mention that SARASWATHI is GODDESS OF BEAUTY TOO. Because of High Wisdom, she gives less importance to her beauty so there is a misbelief that Saraswathi is only god of wisdom. .With the help of SARASWATHI whole creation was made by Brahma. With out wisdom nothing can be created. No value.

(I take this opportunity to bow my head, touch and kiss the feet of Devi SARASWATHI, I have no greeting card to give you, no sweet flowers to send, no cute graphics to forward, I do not know how to attract you with prayers, but I love you with my caring heart. I remember you every day, you are always in my consciousness and please liberate me from the darkness of ignorance and bring huge wealth of wisdom to transcend my consciousness from that of a human to that of Brahman)

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya


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