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Do you love your Heart?


Do you love your Heart ? or Brain ? All thoughts come from brain, including love.But Heart is considered as a seat of emotions and brain the seat of reason.

Cardiac diseases and Cardiovascular diseases come in to the group of Heart diseases Cardiac diseases refers to disorders of Heart Muscle. Cardiovascular diseases refers to disorders of Heart Muscle and its blood vessels.

High Blood Pressure and Hardening of arteries are the most common type of Heart diseases.

Stellar Patterns :

4th House from Lagna rules the Heart. The sign Cancer or Leo rules the Heart.

If sun is in Cancer, Scorpio ,Aquarius or Pisces, give rise to Heart disease.

Moon in Gemini or Leo ,give rise to Heart disease.

When lagna is in watery sign and lord of lagna is in 6,8 or 12th house, give rise to Heart disease.

Lord of 6th in 4th house give rise to heart disease.

Rahu in 12th indicates heart disease.

Saturn, Mars or Jupiter in 4th house indicates heart disease.

Saturn in leo or aquarius give rise to heart disease.

The above planetary placements in Horoscope, is bound to give Jatak heart disease. So the Jatak need to take preventive measures.

Preventive Measures :

The best way to love your Heart is to Keep you’re A B Cs in check

A= A1c ( or Hb A1c) level normal

B= Blood glucose normal

C= Cholestrol normal.

The another best way to love your Heart is to Replace Saturated Fats ( butter, ghee, coconut oil, whole milk) with small amounts of Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats( almonds, oliveoil, walnuts, flaxseed, oily fish etc) in your diet.

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