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The psychologists say that the thought moves from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind. And from conscious mind the thoughts are manifested in the form of speech, action etc.

The main culprit in this is neither subconscious nor conscious mind is with in our control.

Thought in subsconscious mind-as the name suggest being in subconsious level, you are not aware of it. It is your heriditary or Gene.

Manifestation of thoughts from conscious mind is also not with in your control. Because thoughts are already expressed.

Upanishad says that there is a tiny gap between Subsconsious mind and Conscious mind. This is called Ragadvesa.

The gap is very tiny but big impact.

In Ragadvesa two components will pull you in opposite direction.

1) Sreya = You know what is good for you!

2) Preya = You know what is pleasant for you!

Both you know. Both are not same. A little difference,but make all difference in life

You know watching Mega Serial daily 630 to 11 pm night, never boost your self confidenece.( Sreya)

But you love Mega Serial watching ( Preya)

A diabetic patient knows sweets will deteriorate his heath. ( Sreya).

But he eat sweets because he like it ( Preya)

You know unnecessary whatsapp group messaging and reading will dstract your concentration. ( Sreya)

But you love doing it ( Preya)

There is an option given : Sreya or Preya.

When there is an option available , you have to sacrifice the another. This is painful.

Upanishads say that you need to cessarean /cut it from your life.

So Preya is cut/removed and only one is available-Sreya.

This is how to boost Regadevsa,

When you boost Regadvesa continuously,good thoughts comes in conscious mind and this slowly changes the subconscious mind thoughts. This is the only way how to change the inherent bad thoughts in subconscious mind.


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