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How  to  find  Remedy  Planet ( Upaya Graha) from a Birth Chart ( Part -1)

You  go  to a  a  doctor  when  you  are  ill  because  he  is  trained  to  diagnose  and  treat  your  illness.   You  go  to  your  lab  to  test  your  blood or  body  fluids  ,  but  a  lab technician has  no  decision making  in treatment   of  your  disease.  Samilarly,  a  astrologer  should  know  to  diagnose ( predict)  and also to  give  remedies  for  the  destructive  yogas in a   horoscope.’ Mere prediction is  of  no  use .  Who else what  to  just  go  to  lab Technician for treatment of disease ???.  You need  eminent  doctor  to  treat  your  disease.  Right !

Now  what  is  Remedy  planet  in  Astrology ?  Remedy  planet  is  the  planet  which  one  should  worship  to  pacify  or  remove  afflictions  in  horoscope.

Rule  1

If  2  planets  or  more  are  joined  together  in  a  bhava  and  if  one  planet  is  6th  from  the  other  planet  as  per  below  table,  the  later  planet  will  obstruct  /  destruct  the  former  planet  and  this  is  called  Destructive  Yoga.  When  you  first  get  a  horoscope  in hand,  you  have  to  check  this  first.   Destructive  yoga  will  ruin  the  Bhava  /its  significations  in  which  this  conjunction or  conjunctions  take  place.

( Varachakra Table)

Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ve Sa Ra Ke

Ve Sa Ra Ke Su Mo Ma Me Ju


For Sun, 6th  planet is venus, So Sun-Venus conjuction in any house will ruin that  house and its

For Saturn, the 6th planet is Mars, So Saturn-Mars conjunction in any house will ruin  that  house and  its  As both  planets are malefic, the destruction will be terrible.

Rule 2

Each  planet  is  given  following  Numerological  values.

Sun Mo Mars Mer Jup Ve Sa Ra Ke

1 2 9 5 3 6 8 4 7

Rule 3

Find  the  numerological  value  of  the  destructive  yogas  formed in the Birth chart. Convert it to a single  number.

Rule 4

Deduct  the  above  obtained  value  from   9.  The  resultant  value  represents  Remedy Planet.

Rule 5

The  Remedy planet should  be  in  auspicious  position and should be  free from  destructive  yoga.

Rule 6

If  the Remedy Planet  obtained  forms  Destructive Yoga, astrologer  should  not  advise  that  planet  as  upaya graha, instead  should  follow  its unlocking  planet  as per  below  table  as  remedy  planet.

( Gunavara Table)

Sun Mo Ju Ra Mer Ve Ke Sa Ma

Ke Sa Ma Su Mo Ju Ra Me Ve

Example :

If Upaya Graha obtained from Rule 5 say Mercury,creates again destructive yoga, then Moon is considered as upaya graha since Moon can unlock the negativities of Mercury as per above table.

Horocope 1

Virgo- Ascendant

Capricorn- Mars,Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, & Sun

Cancer- Rahu

In  the  above  horoscope 7  Grahas are joined in  5th  house. The following  Destructive  Yogas  are  formed.

Sun and Venus

Ketu and Jupiter

Mercury and Ketu

Saturn and Mars

Jupiter and Sun

The Numerological  values  of  7  grahas  placed  in  5th  house  Sun (1)+ Me(5)+Ke(7)+Sa(8)+Ma(9)+Ju(3)+Ve(6)=39=3+9=12=1+2=3

Deduct from 9 ie  9-3= 6

Thus  Venus  becomes  remedy  planet.  But  Venus  is  placed  in  5th  house  , again contributing to  the  destructive yoga, so  venus  is  not  taken as upaya graha. Instead Jupiter ‘s  Gem is  advised to the native. As  Jupiter can unlock  venu’s  negatives as per above table.

Rule 6

When  a  Planet  is  placed  in  10th, 1st or  5th  house  or  any  2  planets  joined  in a  house, it  will  eclipse  the  other planet  in  the  order of  following table.

( Grahana Vara Table)

Sun Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ra Ke

Ra Ke Su Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa

Example: A

Suppose ascendant is Pises.If  Rahu is  placed  in 10th  house in Sagittarius  and  Sun in 6th house  Leo. From above table, it is  clear  that  Sun  will be  eclipsed by Rahu.  The person will suffer legal problems. The Sun is in 6th house and also owner of 6th house. Ruby may be advised in this case to overcome the difficulties and empower Sun.

Example: B

Suppose ascendant is Aries . If  Sun is placed in Aries First house and If  Mars is in 8th house Scorpio. From the above table it is clear that  Sun will eclipse Mars. Hence Mars Gem Coral is advised . Here Mars gives excessive troubles related to diseases etc as it  controls 8th house and posited in 8th. The native is also advised to control eating habbits as mars rules the digestive fire , hence problems arising after the digestion of  food.

Example: C

Suppose  ascendant is  Scorpio and Mercury is  placed in it and Venus in 12th house libra.  From the above table it is clear  that Venus is eclipsed  by  Mercury. So native should wear Diamond.  Here Venus gives excessive troubles in Married life and losses etc  as it controls 7th and 12th houses.

Thus  from  above  examples  it  is  clear  that  Gems  of  6.,8 and 12th lords  should  be  given if  those  planets are eclipsed  by  another planet thus  denying it of  its  positive effects.

This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

Disclaimer: All information and results stated in this website are for information purposes only. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The content of this website should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your condition.

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