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Important precaution before engagement/marriage

Important precaution before engagement/marriage

It is absolutely necessary to check up not only Birth chart,but also the nails of boy and girl.

When the parents of a girl are serious about her marriage, they should not be carried away by the looks, wealth ,job, or education of the boy. During meeting, the girl should hold the hand of the boy in her hands and observe the nails-which will reveal the real facts. Even the girl's parent should observe the nails. In the same way, the boy's parenets or boy should hold the hand of the girl in his hands and observe the nails of the girl.

If the girl or boy has no white moon on the nails, at least on a single finger on both the palms, they are not in a proper health. If there are white tiny dots above white moon in nails, it indicates Leucorrhoea ( for girl) or high sex acts ( for boy).

If No Half Moon in nails:It is  a signal to a upcoming Vascular disease- such as narrowing of arteries to the heart or low sex drive ( both boy and girl). The blood flow restrictions at the lower parts of your body such as genitals precedes coronary artery disease. Reason because, the arteries that supply blood to genitals are much smaller than the ones that feed the heart muscle. So Heart issues and Sex issues are interconnected.

I urge people engaged in Medical field to make more investigation and research  in this direction and reveal their findings for the benefit of man kind.

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