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Intrinsic Merit Vs External Branding

Intrinsic Merit Vs External branding ( Maya)

A man who lives in the richest country or city, Does he therefore automatically become great?

If you have no Intrinsic Merit, then you have nothing to do with your external branding.

Manduka means frog. but it also stands for Lord Vishnu. Does this make a frog equal to Lord Vishnu?

Swans reside in lotus flower, but so does Brahma. But swan is not equal to Brahma

Crocodiles reside in water, so does Lord Vishnu, Can we, therefore, conclude that crocodiles are equal to Vishnu

Peacocks dance in hills but does this means they are equal to Lord Shiva who resides in Hills?

We don't understand this because of Maya ( illusion)

You can not live without water ., But you can live without Gold. But which is costly? GOLD. This is Maya( illusion).

But the value of water remains the same. Gold is only creating a Maya

Ask any medical men, At the last moment ( I mean dying moment) we ask for water, not gold.

(In Hindu houses we keep Ganga water in worship room)


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