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KAPATA BHAKTHI See God with open eyes not with closed eyes- Non Dualistic approach- Advaita Vedanta

NON DUALISTIC APPROACH You can see God in the incredible people. Forget about developing sixth sense and new vision. In an analogy, if you ask someone (who may be also very poor), and asking him something like. come on…you want some coffee, food, what you like? We will have it ! …. Is something like that seeing God with open eyes . Ishavasyamidam Sarvam -everything is God ( Ishopanishad). You will need an appreciating heart.You will feel God in everything.

In your work place, if you are going above and beyond at work is also seeing God with open eyes. No matter what you do, you are using the gifts that the God gave you. Going above and beyond work means not about achieving your sales target rather it is your honesty, sincerity, dedication, deliberate practice, commitment,dependability,reliability,loyalty etc which you do for your principals/or organisation. You will see God in your computer, your emails. your words, your thoughts, your work and in your firm/boss.

DUALISTIC APPROACH By seeing the God with closed eyes-Dualistic approach.You and God is separate. You need not to see God in people or at work. In an analogy, if a person invites you for a lunch and at the time of food bill payment, he will get so called urgent phone call and he will continue speaking on the phone,until you manage to pay the bill.They may take advantage of those around them and makes no effort to contribute.

For a comparison sake,In your work place your boss will spy at you and you will spy at him. No dedication towards work.And some bosses are frightened about hiring the best people. They fear employees and vice versa. They don’t see God neither in their own work, nor in themselves or in other people. God is separate. Work is separate. Dualistic Approach. Kapata Bhakthi

PS : Not all Dualistic followers are Kapata Bhakthi, but only most of them:

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya*Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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