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Not only in Mahabharata but in my day to day life, my favourite character is Karna .

He knew only to Give. He didn't show any ingratitue towards his Friend and fought against his own blood for the sake of Friendship.

To be good and right when everything is good and right, any body can. But nothing went right for him, he still remained Good.

World will become more and more sexier, creative and funnier. Continuation of evolution. It doesn't sound bad to me. But the love towards wisdom, gratitude, dedication, sacrifice will progressivelly fall.

This needled me to blog post an article about Karna for my blog. I hope it will at least school you some thing new.

Karna is the first ever know baby born by utilizing the solar energy so he had Surya(Sun) with in him-nothing less than a Hero. He was the most powerful, bravest and strategic warrior in Mahabharat. He was gifted Kavacha Kundala ( armor and earrings) by his father Sun God to protect him from death. Karna was born immortal. Neither Sudharsanachakra of Lord Krishna or Arjuna could have vanquished him in a battle.

If you have to think about the highest qualities that an embodied form can ever have-all these qualities are there in Karna.

He had an undying charitable nature. If you ask him a Kiss, if kiss isn't available with him, he will give you Hugs ( more intimate than kiss). You won't go empty handed. He is Danveer after all? Let us tell you.

When Krishna disguised himself and Arujuna as Brahmins and visited Karna and asked for dry Sandal wood to cook food. It was raining heavily at the time. Karna could not find dry sandal wood. So he picked up his bow and arrow and distroyed the doors made of sandal wood. This he gave to Krishna and Arjuna.

As Arjuna would have died if Karna had the Kavach Kundala ( armor and earrings), so Indra went to him in disguise and requested for his Kavach. He gave away Kavach Kundala knowing that he was Indra and he shall invite death.

From the day one KARNA was born KARMA was acting against him. 1. Karna was disowned by his mother just after his birth 2. He was discarded by his teacher Drona 3. Despite being exceedingly handsome , a Kshatriya by birth, better archer than Arjuna, he didn't get the girl he loved-Draupadi-she din't like Karna and was disgraced by her. 4. Parasuram taught him but then gave him the curse to forget everything at the utmost requirement of it in the battle. 5. A Cow was accidently hit by his arrow and the owner cursed him for no fault of him. 6. Even his real mother Kunti finally told him the truth only to save her other sons. 7. Cheated by Indra ( father of Arjun) by taking away his Kavacha Kundala ( armor and earrings), these were the weapons provided to Karna by his father Surya just after his birth to protect Karna's life against death. 8. He fought caste discrimination all his life, rejected by the society for his lineage.

What ever he received was through Duryodhana's friendship. So he didn't show any ingratitude towards him.

Every body will bet a winning horse. With out knowing Karna whether he is a horse or donkey, Duryodhana made Karna a King to bring equal status to Pandavas. In Karna's mind Duryodhana was the only person that had ever shown him kindness and thus he was indebted to Duryodhan.

Is there any use for Karna's life? Yes...Lord himself participated in the process of his dying. He did his entire life ...right He don't die and reach God. For him, to die itself, God has to come and participate in the process of his death. He brought Krishna to his feet and made Krishna stand next to him, that he was ready to leave his body and that is what you get as a reward of a life-well lived.


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