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Marketing whether it is a product selling, blogging or concept selling or service, is all about creating a unique position in the most expensive real estate in the world-YOUR MIND.

80% of CEOs think their companies deliver superior experience for customers, only 8% of those customers agree with them.

Marketing is now being ruined by immorality, short termism and often seen as an equivalent to snake-oil salesman.

Never, never ever, never ever never use your heart with all the people. Only few people are altruistic. Only they deserve your love, emotion etc. Use your heart with such good people. Most of the people will be narcissistic or business minded. You have to use your strategy with such people. If you use your heart with narcissistic people, you will be dropped as a straight D Grade or F if worse.

People don’t care how much effort you put in developing a market, design, product or service. They look at only what they get from your product/service.

For example, when you read my blog you won’t care how many days or weeks or years were spent studying to write a blog. Your main concern is how easy it for you to understand.

Products that are simple to use sell more in market.

Services such as astrology prediction should be followed by approximate timing of event with a spark of motivation to the client, with out generating any fear in client’s mind. The pain of thought of surgery is more painful than the pain of actual surgery.

One should follow KISS principle (KISS= KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) while creating a blog, service, product or upgrading it to an existing one.

Stupidity means uniqueness. Your strategy should be often misinterpreted as stupid due to its simplicity. That will create a niche in the category and help you keep positioning. Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Less is more.

In astrological perspective planet Mercury is the planet of Wisdom and planet Jupiter is the planet of Wealth. Wealth is important for business and you need wealth if you want to make an impact in the world or bring food to your table, or to have a roof over your head. And if you want friends also, they look at your wealth. But those who have wealth need not always necessarily need to have Wisdom. But if you have Wisdom and if you use right strategy you can attract wealth. Now google AdSense (YouTube, blog) is giving such opportunity for worldwide content creators. The system is auto pilot, so even while you enjoy with your friend or family, or sleeping, as long as your channel or blog is online, and people viewing your blog/channel, you are earning.!!! Kiss Principle-simple-stupid. Many people when come to know you are a blogger, they may consider it as stupidity. But that is your niche which will help your personal brand positioning.

There is as astrological dictum. (Wealth) Jupiter is inimical to (Wisdom) Mercury. Mercury (Wisdom) is but neutral to Jupiter (Wealth).

Use Kiss Principle

Don’t open your heart with everyone. (let it be your boss, superior officer, friend, or relative or customer).

Be Strategic.



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