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Anything you need to perform for sure, you donot depend on Knowledge. Knowledge should depend on you( action). It is your instrument. Your action is more important than Knowledge. If you don't follow your knowledge ( action), knowledge is useless. Knowledge can transform your life only if you follow your knowledge with action

Knowledge is like Bullets and Action is like Gun. If you don't have a Gun ( action), you cannot do much with the bullets(knowledge). But if you don't have bullets(knowledge)you still can hit your target by throwing the Gun(action).So action with out knowledge is better than knowledge with out action.

Follow the knowledge (with action) . This will tranform your life. A friend of mine ( name withheld) want to improve his confidence and communication skills. When I sent him articles which helped me, he told me, he had read the same ideas in a book before. Though he knew the idea behind confidence and communication skills, I understood the idea and applied it to my life which has made all difference.

In Mathematics you know, 1000 is Thousand.

You add one more zero , Now it is 10000 ( Ten Thousand)

You again add one more zero, but this time, to the left of 1 ie 01000

How much now?

No Value

When an insignificant number follows a significant number it gains value

When the same insignificant number tries to go ahead of the significant number, then it has no value.

When you follows knowledge (with action), you gain value.

Or else it is like filling the bucket which leaks 99% of the water.


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