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Kuja dosha is a feeling of fear in Astrology.

Of course Mars has the power to shorten the life span of spouse (husband or wife) as the case may be.

Also, it is a marketing. Do you know how insurance marketing guys sell insurance policies? They generate a fear in customer’s mind about future. No fear. No sales.

Hospitals also do marketing generating fear in patient’s mind. But there are very best doctors( finger numbered) who are like butter in vanilla ice-creams. Big salute. DR VP GANGADHARAN, INDIA. When I am referring best doctors, his name should not be lost sight of. I respect him so much. He never creates fear in patient’s mind.

To some extent Kuja dosha is also a part of Marketing of Astrology. In online astrology websites, Kuja dosha checking is separately charged. And they deserve the extra charges because it is difficult to find out whether Kuja dosha is actually dominant or latent in one’s horoscope. We pay high consultation fees to get appointment with DM Cardiologist or any Super specialist. No difference in Astrology… Prediction of future and its TIMING and to GUIDE the native to right path requires minimum 20 years of ardent study and continuous research of living horoscopes. And if you want vocabulary, eloquence it is a God’s gift. No body can teach you! With out vocabulary you cannot influence others. All these need extra charges!!!

In an analogy, Suppose if you have a skin discoloration in lower areas of legs-close to ankles-does it always mean leaky valves in the veins of the legs? No. It can be also due to hyper pigmentation and will go away on its own ( usually a harmless condition) because you are waring short tight jeans…

Similarly, Kuja dosha is not harmful if 7TH HOUSE, 7TH LORD AND SIGNIFICATOR/KARAKA OF MARRIAGE – VENUS (FOR MALES)- JUPITER (FOR FEMALES) are strongly posited in the horoscope. Also there are many antidotes that can remain kuja dosha as latent. Will not manifest as dosha.

7 OUT OF 12 houses Mars is considered to give Kuja Dosha

If Mars is in 1st House,it will aspect 7th ( house of marriage) and 8th ( Mangalya) and will afflict both these houses. So considered Kuja Dosha.

If Mars is in 2nd House: 2nd house is 8th from 7th house, it becomes the longevity of partner. It affliction affects longevity of the partner. So considered as kuja dosha

If Mars is in 4th House: It aspects 7th house and so considered as Kuja Dosha.

If Mars is in 7TH House : It afflicts 7th house by its placement. So considered as Kuja dosha

If Mars is in 8th House : It afflicts 8th house ( Mangalya) by its placement and 2nd house by aspect. So considered as Kuja dosha

If Mars is in 11th House : It afflicts 2nd house , so considered as kuja dosha

If Mars is in 12th House : It aspects 7th house, so considered as Kuja Dosha

Having said all these ,Astrologer should examine carefully whether kuja dosha is actually active in his/her horoscope or just latent. ( just in analogy whether it is venous insufficiency or hyper pigmentation in our above example of ankle discolouration). Samilarly the above placements of planets are not the last word in deciding the longevity of partner.

Individual Character of Girl/Boy is to be checked along with KUJA DOSHA especially who are doing studies far away from their home land./ or working in far away places

A Girls message in my face book is enclosed self-explanatory. (like this I get many messages). So it prompted me to write about an article on kuja dosha vis a vis multiple sex

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