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What are the percentage of each ingredient in your cosmetics are more important than ingredient by itself. I contacted some cosmetic brands for the same but they were all reluctant to disclose the percentage of ingredients in their cosmetics-some brands replied me that, as per Indian Law, they need not to mention percentage of ingredients on cosmetic product. It is not mandatory. Let me digress now.

Cosmetics is only frosting on the cake, it will melt away. Useless. They may give you matte finish but this will reduce the glowness and shiness of the skin. COSMETICS WILL LOWLIGHT GLOWING SKIN. Secondly cosmetics are very costly and are but only chemicals .

Make up = Moisturizer+ Makeup stick/foundation+Compact powder+Translucent glossing powder golden ( highest brand) & With out Make up= Barefaced ,no makeup ( after travelling two hours)

Let us focus only on ” Glowing Skin” – or ” Blood flow”.The two scientific reasons for glowing skin are cell renewal and blood circulation. If your insides are healthy, then your outsides will look healthy too.

Beauty Exercises for Glowing skin/more blood flow to face.

“Shirshasana” is par excellence . ( Google search for Shirshasana performance) Next comes ” Halasana” ( Google search for Halasana performance) Above Asanas are extremely difficult and is remote for a layman. “Uttanapadasana “( Google search for Uttanapadasana performance) -compared to above two asanas, it is simple ,although it requires a great physical effort.And when you practice uttanapadasana, and if some one is watching your face while you doing this asana performance, they would be able to see your face becoming RED due to immense blood pumping on to your face.

It also reduces the pressure in leg veins( notably superficial veins)-very very very useful for students / research students (and older people also) who spent lot of time sitting for studies or work – this asana will redirect blood backwards from leg to your heart. Heart and brain gets oxygen rich blood.

Reduced blood flow is a major culprit in human body Less blood flow to brain = Vertebrobasilar insufficiency Less blood flow to heart muscle = Myocardial Ischemia Less blood flow to vital organs = can cause organ damage or shock Less blood flow to face = Ischemia-dull skin, development of wrinkles, fine lines, dryness,acne ,rashes and no shinning skin Less blood flow to reproductive organs( male) = An extremely unpleasant difficult situation for boys and men for romance and sex Less blood flow to reproductive organs ( female) = Dryness in that area,painful intercourse, yeast infection. So let us focus only on the Blood Flow-par excellence. Good Bye to Cosmetics.( Use it only if your Profession demands it)

Kumkumadi oil -use highest brand( not serum or cream version- we need only oil version) is exempted from the above cosmetic ban

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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