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For kidneys, the 7th part of kalapurusha ( divine cosmic being of the self)and 7th house of the horoscope to be analysed.

In this horoscope 5th part of Kalapurusha ( divine cosmic being of the self) – Leo and 5th house of the native chart ie Pisces are more afflicted .So it is stomach that is more afflicted.

The native is currently undergoing dialysis from last two years due to kidney failure. But the native confirmed that stomach related diseases from the childhood and during covid 19 attack, the natives kidneys got adversely affected. The lord of kidneys Venus is in 8th house.It is vipareeth raja yoga. But the confusion is created due to two bright planets sitting together -and mutual Enemies-Jupiter +venus.

The native confirmed stomach related diseases was existing from the childhood and it was becoming more and more but was controlled but due to covid 19 attack, it got worsened and kidneys got damaged.

The native is a medical doctor DM Gastroenterologist. The native’s doctor friends pressed the native to do dialysis when creatinine shoot up to 5. The native reiterated that it was a wrong decision. The other patients who had creatinine shoot up to 10, and refused dialysis and undergone alternative medical treatment are still living with creatinine controlled, without dialysis.

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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevya* Namo Bhuddhaya


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