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Neecha Bhanga means Debilitation cancelled.

Raja yoga means Auspiciousness

Debilitation comes from the Latin word debelis meaning weak.

Neecha means weak or debilitation

Bhanga means cancellation.

When a planet is debilitated in one's chart, it is sine qua non to ascertain whether the debilitation is cancelled.

Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga- Debilitation of a planet gets cancelled and provides Rajayoga-Two minuses makes a plus.

When a planet is debilitated it gives all kinds of troubles to the native, but it will teach him how to debilitate future attack of difficulties if the said planet's debilitation is cancelled. This will propel the jatak/person from a disadvantage position to

very good rise. He will rise through his/her own efforts.

In an analogy to Active immunity , if a person gets certain diseases, then his /her body becomes immune to such diseases in the balance period of his/her life. In the same way Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga gives some troubles in the beginning ,but afterwards it will give very good rise.

There are many planetary alignments which give rise to Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga.

Here we are discussing one point with the help of horoscope of Late US President Eisenhower.

In his horoscope planet Sun is debilitated in 8th house Libra.But Mars which is the exaltation sign's dispositor of sun is posited in 10th Kendra. So Sun's debilitation is cancelled.

So when a planet is debilitated check the exalation sign of debilitation planet. Check whether its lord is in Kendra to Lagna. If yes, then it is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.

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