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Oh no! Neuroanatomy.

It is just about human brain and marketing.

Scan People’s head that will give us information that can be easily read. It is called fMRI in Neuromarketing. It is a technique for predicting consumer behavior such as buying behavior and sales ( hard KPIs)-Key Performance indicators.

fMRI-Functional Magnet Resconance Imaging-neuro-research technique that allows us to track detailed activity of the entire brain.fMRI captures both conscious and unconscious emotion and responses happening deep with in the brain inorder to predict consumer behavior. Don’t get confused with MRI scan. It uses a strong magnetic field that creates a 3D image of the brain. On the other hand fMRI scan captures brain activity through the blood oxygen levels in neurons. Neurons which are active consume more oxygen than the inactive ones. All atoms react to the environment, but only neurons make the information explicit and available for conscious thinking.

Do you know there are more neurons in our bodies than there are stars in the milky way? It is not an idle truth. There ae about 100 billion neurons in the brain and 13.5 million in spinal cord. ( Brain and spinal cord are bedfellows-part of Central nervous system). As per astronomy total visible stars comes to 9096 stars both hemispheres, so we have to divide that number by two. We can see only 4548 stars as we can see only one half of the celestial sphere at the moment.

A human eye can see an almost unlimited distance, on a good night, you can see about 19,000,000,000,000,000 miles away-far galaxies. What we “see” is light from the far away object rather than the object itself. What happens is that light coming from the object strikes our optic nerve. The optic nerve signals the brain. The brain then interprets this message and forms an image. The brighter the object, the farther away it can be from us and still be seen with our naked eye. Please know, When looking at stars, you are actually looking in to the past. Many of the stars we see at night have already died.( story for another time ! discuss later).

But you can never see an atom or neurons with your naked eye. It is 10,000 time smaller than the wavelength of visible light, so it is too small to change the way light is reflected. So, you can’t see them.

In Neuromarketing the key component is DLP-FC ( Dersolateral PreFrontal Cortex). It is in the front side of the brain. It is CEO of the brain. Executive ability, Decision Making, Innovation, Attention ( You pay attention to this blog!-it is your function of DLP-FC),You make YouTube videos, blogging ( Thanks to Your DLP FC ), Short term memory, How do you write/speak ( Thanks to your DLPFC),What you are going to do ( This is also a function of DLPFC).

How we humans perceive things is a part of DLP FC. Human for whatever reason perceive relatively, and not absolutely which means that our perception is based on stimulus that is already present. (But that is a story for another time! stay tuned)


N.B : VASISHTHA GANAPATI MUNI, the chief disciple of RAMANA MAHARSHI, he was outside space and time. He was well versed in Mantra Shastra, Astrology and Ayurveda. He was an emanation of God Ganapati itself. It may be noted that the Vedic deity Agni (fire) is none other than Ganapati described in the puranas and worshipped in the tantras. He used to do KAPALA BHEDA (New evolutionary development for brain)- breaking and opening of the skull while he was still alive.

But still consciousness and Kapala Bheda will be a mystery for medical science because it is outside of space and time and natural laws-then by definition, no natural science can discover God or Consciousness through anything made by natural instruments.

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