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The Human Brain is Maltifarious.

Our Brain is hardwired for ” Fight-or-Flight response “. It is not designed at to explore on your present happiness. It is programmed to look in to future happiness, future protection-This is actually for our safety-protection. But the downside is, the same fight-or-flight response is also the cause of anxiety, depression, catastrophizing thinking ,rumination, polarized thinking etc.

People with severe depression need to be seen by a psychiatrist and the most common initial treatment will be SNRIs ( Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) or SSRIs( Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).The brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are inseperable bedfellows. So depressed people are more likely to have tummy problems as well. If you are under SNRIs or SSDRIs don’t continue it for more than 1 or 2 year, because it is not good for your health 4 or 5 years down the road. Ask your doctor to withdraw medicine slowly. With drawal symptoms of SNRIs are very high and also the side effects. For Men, SNRIs will give rise to ED (most likely) and for female low libido-HSDD . Body weight also may get increased. The overall body appearance will be badly affected.

CBT is also a form of psychological treatment ( Cognitive Behaviour therapy). Most psychologist give CBT for their patients.

There is no blood test to diagnoise depression. So chances are high for misdiagnosis.Based on how you interact with your medical doctor, during your meeting with him in his clinic/hospital,he determines what type of treatment to be given for your depression.

Converting negative thoughts to positive is a strategic method to make a positive impact in your mind. Atleast you can make the negative thoughts to have less on an effect.

In Upanishad way of thinking, you cannot differentiate negative thought and positive thought. Both are impermanent . They are two sides of the same coin. Can you differentiate Birth and Death. No !! They are not two seperate events. They are One. Breath-in is brith and Breath-out is death. Breath-in is the first thing we do coming into this life.Breath-out is the last thing we do leaving this life. Each moment we are Dying and reborn every moment.

The words or events in the external world that make you happy or positive feeling , it is all impermanent. You experienced a happy event, after that, the event becomes a memory. It is the clinging of your mind to the thought of positive feelings or emotion makes you happy, not the event. It is no more.

The negative events are also impermanent. You are going through a difficult situation. But is also not permanent. Nothing in this universe is permanent. The negative situations will also fade away. But if your mind is clinging to the thoughts of negative feelings, that is going to make you unhappy, not the event.

Feelings are all temporary-both positive and negative. Go beyond positive thinking. The peace that arises from positive thinking is temporary whereas the peace that arises from inner tranquility is permanent. Build up a tranquility within you.Practice detached attachment- Inner tranquility. The Gordian knot is, you will not able to fire or activate inner tranqulity in distress situation unless you practice it in your” happy situations”/ when you are happy. It is like Brahmastra Mantra. Even someone teaches you in the distress situation, you will not able to fire or activate Brahmastra, because you should have enough practice before the situation (in your happy times) and you should be at higher level than a lay man human being.

According to Brain Scientist Dr Jill Bolte Taylor when something happens in the external world( positive event or negative event), the chemicals are flushed through our body and puts your body on full alert for not more than 90 seconds. With in 90 seconds, these chemicals will totally flush out of our body. This means for 90 seconds , is the real influence of the event happining in our body. After 90 seconds it goes away. It is your clining on your mind at the thoughts of these events that is restimulating the circuity and the cause of your rumination.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya


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