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Gone are those days, where we go behind a corporate brand. Life has changed. You have every right to create your personal brand.

In today's world, everybody has the right to know since the decision we take effect people's life. I urge BOSSES/OWNERS of corporate world to change their style of working and be more open and cooperate with the new age professionals.

Even if it is a Minister or Boss ( Thanks for Our Republic of India Freedom ), you have right to ask the right question. But before you ask a question, you should also ask yourselves " Should I" . If you get a positive response from your inner selves, go ahead.

The moment you open your mouth and ask a question, people around you also get involved.

In the corporate world, what I see is even the Highly Paid executive directors are also just absorbing the energies from the corporate and not able to speak a single word.

If you know your Employer's brand /corporate policy and know yourself,(your personal brand) you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the corporate mission, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat finally from them. If you know neither the Employer nor yourself, it is better not to ask any question. Because you will succumb in the employment if you try to ask question.

This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.


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