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Kama is nicked named as LOVE or PASSION.

Sadly love is not an emotion. Because it is activation of neurons in the mid brain that secrete dopamine. Dopamine system is more primitive system than the emotional brain and the cortical system. so love is not an emotion . ( Research going on ). Again sadly love is not a relationship to another person ,and regretfully it is n’t always sufficient for initiatiing or continuing a relationship.

As per ATHARVAVEDA ,Love ( Kama) is the greatest power, strength and will power of a person . And this is a supreme power.

Kama( Or Love/Passion) is the power of “Tadeka” -Supreme God. Long before Universe there was nothing in existence. Neither truth nor untruth, no night, no day, In that air less situation, there was the existence of the Supreme God. Except him there was only Apreketa Salita( Non Creative Water),that too covered by darkness.The Supreme God had collected his force of ” Passion” to give birth ” Kamma”. That Kamma was the cause of the world. Atharvaveda accepts this.

As per Swami Vivekanadha, he said don’t focus your mind on Moksha. If Moksha only exists after death, then it has a beginning. Any thing that begins will have an end. So Moksha is also not permanent. It will have an end .Focus your awarness on right this moment, what you can do. The world needs you. There are people and animals around you, who needs your support, care and love. Why do you focus on Moksha after death. You can attain it right now, when you are alive.

In the 9th chapter in Atharvaveda , Kama is worshipped as a deity which can give power. It can protect from enemies even. It is greater than any other power. It is the only power from which everything will manifest.

You can chant a mantra with correct pronounciation but with out having a deep love/Kamma with the deity. Words are important. But thoughts are your emotions and your energy. With out energy there is no manifestation. The energy of our thoughts will attract experiences of the same energy to come into our lives.( manifestation)

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Bhuddaya


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