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PROMOTION FIRST, SALES SECOND Long and Painful experience has taught me one great principle in managing sales for other people and for my own adsense revenue for my blog. viz if you want to increase sales, give plenty of promotion.

No Promotion = No Sales Promotion First, Sales Second. Be more professional , gain more trust.

Employees will not do the things required by the company/management, they will only do the things the company evaluates. So attitude of the management has to focus on Promotion first. I am dissatisfied with some peers who depends so completely on Sales first , promotion second attitude and simply torturing their sales managers for generating sales.

Bloggers or Youtubers are already follwoing Promotion first ,Sales Second principle.Or the blog/channel will be rejected. Becasuse the sales/revenue comes from google ads when you reach sufficient page views /subscribers for your blog/channel . Everything Everywhere on your site/or channel is monitored by – Google adsense -.who decides your payoff. If you wish to start a channel or blog, you are not only NOT going to win a single Dollar , but also your site or channel is NOT going to get Approved by Google, IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW : PROMOTION FIRST , SALES SECOND principle. You need plenty of promotion first to attract sales. Let it be your intangible (channel,blog) or any tangible goods selling or direct or email selling. Sometimes the most important skills in business are not enjoyable to acquire

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