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Communication is the foundation of all human relationship whether you do it for sharing your feelings or for business or for romance or any other relationship.

The literal content ( ie the Choice of words you use) is only 7% effective. It is your verbal communication. This is certainly useful in blogging but not that much in face to face meeting.

The intonation (use of voice) -how something is said is your vocal factor, and this is more important than verbal. It takes up 38% of what we communicate.

The top most important is body language. Your posture, facial expressions and gestures etc. It is deeply rooted in the brain.

This communication model in psychology is called 7 38 55 rule of psychology or Mehrabian communication.

Choice of words (or Literal content) is Verbal communication. The other two (intonation and body language) is non-verbal communication.

Suppose a Sales manager (or a Communicator) is contacting you for buying his products/services, and whenever you feel a contradiction between his verbal and non-verbal which one should you believe? The answer is “Non Verbal” because the Non Verbal is a reflex action arising from Subconscious mind. The Sales Manager is not aware that it is happening. The Sales Manager may be saying “ I am at your disposal, call me any time for anything ,round the clock service etc., but at the same time he is looking at his watch, mobile phone or doing something else.

Next example, For a comparison sake, you went to see a friend in Hong Kong ( or cities like Bangalore, , Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi etc or small town like cherthala,uduppi,pollachi,etc.). . And your return flight from HK to India is 6pm. Your friend is very good in communication (verbal). But he did not drop you back in the airport from hotel nor did he spend time with you in airport till you checked in. Nevertheless, he still did not spare you even a cup of coffee. Do you think he is a good friend? -Does the Non-verbal show interest and attentiveness in this case? Certainly Not!

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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