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ISO , SA 8000 etc very popular quality certifications.

Now almost every organisation takes this certificate. It is available outside.

I am not saying it is bad.

We are discussing about Quality of the Self. That means the quality of You and Me.

If you speak to some CEOs/Owners of companies, they speak in a tone so arrogant and ignorant that it would have made Adolf Hitler turn in his grave.

This is because the CEO/Owner is missing the element “Quality”

Quality as per ancient wisdom comes under Dharma (under section Verna) which I will discuss in next article.

Quality is not your Narcissism

Quality is your excellence in areas that others might not even notice

A flower is a flower with or with out fragrance yet the presence of fragrance makes all difference. Quality is that invisible detail the presence of which makes all the difference.

The Quality of what we give depends on Quality of what we have.
The Quality of what we have depends on Quality of what we do.
The Quality of what we do depends on Quality of what we are.

Quality consciousness is expecting more from yourself than what any one else expects of you.

Quality consciousness is setting higher standards for yourself than what the world has set for you.

Quality consciousness is a belief that everything can and must be improved.


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