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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Rahu is representing the Lizard Brain. This brain is responsible for your anger, phobia, fear, reproduction etc. (more details shared in above audio video)

Since this is an astrological article, let me explain in astrological terms.

Actually Rahu is the point (North node) where moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. So Rahu is a mathematical point. In astrological terms, Rahu is a shadow planet -no mass. In Hindu Mythology rahu is a demon who stole Amrita(a drink of immortal life) ,but he was cut in two. So now this demon became two – Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is Head with out a body and Ketu is a Body with out a Head. Since Rahu has no body, no stomach, he never gets satisfied. He gives immense carving. It can be for food, wealth, girls, sex, romance, wisdom, research, knowledge. You have to decide how you accept this energy and transmute it. Yes, you can convert one element in to another-one energy in to another (Scientist have used their transmuting technologies to create gold out of lead)

Don’t fight with Rahu Dasa. And with your Lizard brain. Acknowledge it. Learn to get comfortable with the discomfort it causes if any. Lizard brain can hold you back from risky career opportunities. Consider carrying a physical token (may be a Gem or picture of your beloved God) to remind yourself of your Lizard brain’s influence. And especially its influence on your comfort zone.

Broad Analysis ( Astrology)

If Rahu is acting on 2nd House, its lord, moon or 5th house and its lord, there will be unsatisfied hunger for food for the native, and can also influence his/her digestive system. Be careful. ! Do regular workout and keep a control on your food. Don’t eat too much.

If Rahu is influencing Sun, Moon, 2nd house, 12th house: the native can have eye troubles. Take carrots a lot and use Sun glass and Blue light protection glass. Do regular excercise

If Rahu is influencing the Lagna, Lagna lord , it can also mean imprisonment or restriction on the movement for the native. Don’t indulge in to political issues during this period, if you are into politics. Don’t use much credit card, bank loans etc if you are in to business or a layman

If Rahu is influencing 4th house, 4th lord and Moon, it can give phobia, depression, panic attack, fear etc to the native. Never, Never Ever, Never ever Never, go to hospitals for consultation if you are facing any depression. It can be completely reversed. Or you can transmute the depression (a form of energy) in to Sudarshan energy (an energy of Ultimate weapon of Lord Vishnu used for destruction of enemy) through your own consciousness.

Generally, Rahu is a Malefic Planet as per Astrology. But if Rahu is associated with Yogakaraka planet, then Rahu turns to be highly auspicious/benefic planet. Only when Rahu becomes auspicious planet, his gem should be used to strengthen them (Only during Rahu Period). Other wise they should always be propitiated.

Carrot and Stick approach : Rahu is good example for carrot and stick approach. Rahu will reward you if you are honest during his dasa. If you are cheating or doing business unethical way, he will punish you. No matter even if you are the richest person in India or world. It is very painful for me to give live examples here whose business went run down, got bankrupt, factory sealed by bank due to debts, had big issues in family business, etc during Rahu dasa.

Cruel to be kind planet : It is actually cruel to be kind planet. To be like that, we have to be honest during rahu dasa period. The planet will bless you at the end.

My humble pranams to this invisible energy of North Node -Rahu Deva. Lots of love.

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