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I wish I will have a chance to have a coffee with him someday. But it will never happen. So I will do the next best thing to blog this article as a token of love and respect towards him.


The number of alphabets in his name is 9 ( Mars = Energy)

The numerical value of Ratan tata

First Name

RATAN = 9+1+2+1+5 =18 =9 ( Mars = Energy)

Second Name

TATA = 2+1+2+1=6

Total Name Value = 9+6=15=1+5=6

Also first letter of his Name is Alphabet R .

The hidden secret of R is that it is a highly positive energy number. R is the 18th alphabet ie 1+8=9 . As per Pythagorean numerology , the value of R is 9 , Number 9 is Mars. It represents energy. Mars is energy source. In Zodiac R is under control of Zodiac Sign Libra whose lord is the sweetest and romantic planet Venus. So Mars Energy + Venus Sweetness = Highly Magnetic . In Professional front, he will do selfless support to everyone and will work as a team . The venus will give many opportunities for the energy to work on. Number 6 in business astrology represents Opportunity. So the significance of Mars and Venus is clear now. We know how magnetic personality is that of Ratan Tata

(His date of birth is 28-12-1937 which means his destiny number is 6. We found his full name value is also 6. This is to clear you the importance of success when the name value equals destiny number )

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