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Any person who sells a product,service or idea is a Sales Person. Based on this definition, who is not selling?

A Candidate at a job interview is selling his candidature, the interviewer is selling his company, the politician making speeches is selling to get votes, the lawyer arguing his client’s case in court is selling. A mother sells her idea to the child, doesn’t she? . The basis is emotional not monetary.A boy and girl proposing each other is also selling-emotional selling. Even if you are a medical doctor,when you approach a patient for first time,the first few seconds or minutes gives the patient a feeling of comfort or discomfort. At that point doctor’s personal skills ( a form of selling) are more crucial than professional skills. The patient don’t care if the doctor came first rank in his medical school. Professional skills are very important, but first few seconds, it is of no use.

Sales is the bottom line. But you cannot sell a product with out marketing. Selling is a part of marketing. Marketing is geared to build awareness about the brand to potential customer. Sales is connected to converting the potential customers in to actual customers.

The shame is that most of the organisation will overlook the importance of marketing and will push the marketing team for push begging. No body will buy from you except may be out of pity. Pull and Push Marketing are two school of thoughts

PULL MARKETING : In pull marketing you are pulling the customer to your products ( as opposed to push marketing where you pushing your products to your customer). Pull Marketing is Capital intensive because you have to ensure the awareness about your brand gets as far as possible. Most of the small business owners fail to notice its importance because it attracts some time, hard work, discipline and money for advertisements,and brand promotion. Example : Suppose you are the Sales Manager of a gadget showroom and your sales department is approached to help pull the NEW SMART WATCH to your customers. So you can advertise your product on TV and in Social Media how aesthetic your smart watch, how strong it is made from,how comfortable it is to wear and its technical specifications etc. This advertisement is not targeted at a particular person or audience, it is for general public,but a larger percentage of those that watch this advertisement will be interested in the Smart Watch and whenever they want to buy a new smart watch your brand would top their list. Sometimes it might be smart looks of watch or features that will pull the customers to your brand and purchase the watch

PUSH MARKETING : You are pushing the product/services to your customers. Example: Imagine you are the Sales Manager of an electronic show room and the sales department is approached to help push the NEW SMART WATCH to customers.When a customer comes in to your showroom, even when they don’t inquire about smart watch you will stylishly show them the smart watch and explain its advantages over other watches. This rises the interest of the customer’s mind and they may eventually buy it. It involves less cost compared to pull marketing. Once the customer comes to your store, you push your product and make it available for them.

A beggar who cleans the train while he ask alms and A beggar who sings with a begging bowl are also doing push marketing .( or Push Begging )

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya


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